The Founder

Nagina Bains

A Master’s in Sociology, a Bachelor’s with Honors in Psychology, a postgraduate diploma in Mass Communication and a program in General Management with Cornell University, USA, has given Nagina Bains an expansive and open view of the world. With extensive experience of working with top companies in the fields of real estate, hospitality, media, training, international tourism, Nagina has multiple skill sets, the closest to her heart being communications, creative writing, content creation and people management. Her freelance writing experience with leading newspapers of the country has enriched her understanding of politics, lifestyle, education, food, society. 



TESTLER is a space with the vision and intent to mould future minds with personalised education needs. Testler is not an institute or coaching centre. It is a collective and conscious effort of a team of top academicians and experienced education experts, best in their fields and certified by various authorities in the country for educational guidance and counselling.

One-on-one, customised interactions is our USP, as our experts, including psychologists and industry leaders, work with each student individually to give clear, accurate and practical guidance towards international academic and career paths, with a clear road map for future job opportunities in various fields.
We work with students who are seeking admissions in

Bachelor’s Programs – Master’s Programs – Doctorate Programs – Sportspersons seeking placements in specific universities dedicated to sports.

Each individual comes with specific requirements and a unique mind-set. Precisely why our programs are conceptualised and curated to aid students to understand ground realities, so that they can make informed decisions about their future, including a career path that gives them social, psychological, emotional advancements for life. Education is the only tool for success, internal and external and it cannot be limited to securing a ‘good job’, for ultimately, education makes us enriched human beings. We, at Testler, don’t make a business of education. Our classes, counselling and guidance sessions are based on  international standards and are spearheaded by leaders in their fields, both from India and abroad. 

Applications for universities abroad form the backbone of the admission processes. Written by creative heads of Testler, these applications reflect students’ personal and scholastic achievements and tell their extraordinary stories. Each application is tailor-made to fulfill the intricate criteria of the advisory board’s entrance needs